(Updated August 2021)
We are currently on the search for a strong agent to help manage our incredible artists' careers!
Role: Agent 

(Los Angeles / New York — working remotely at this stage)

NEER is an artist agency representing a curated roster of cinematographers and director/dp's. Our filmmakers work on a range of projects spanning the entertainment, commercial and music industries. We are known for our diverse roster of exceptional talent and our specialized approach to stills & motion content creation. Our team offers invaluable expertise in the digital campaign landscape and our multi-faceted artists are ideal partners to photographers & directors and to agency and brand creatives in producing elevated visuals for all platforms.

We are growing our team and are on the search for an experienced agent to help manage the day-to-day promotion, job negotiations/logistics and career growth strategies for our incredible artists! Ideal candidate should be based in New York or Los Angeles able to work remotely/from home.

Professional Qualifications & Experience

  • 5+ years experience as a mid-level to senior-level agent for directors and/or cinematographers.
  • Ideal candidate has worked closely with directors and cinematographers across a range of productions in the marketplace from the fashion and beauty advertising industries (including collaborative productions with photographers & stills production companies), traditional commercial broadcast advertising, film & television, and the music industry. 
  • Must have well established client relationships across the US and international markets. (that covers a range of freelance producers, executive producers, agency producers, creative directors, directors, etc. within the fashion, music, film, television & commercial advertising markets).
  • Must have a proven track record of growing business, procuring repeat clients, driving revenue, having a vision for growth & opportunity, expanding brand awareness and building long lasting relationships.
  • Proven experience with managing all levels of jobs from pitches/submissions, bidding, negotiating, logistics, reviewing contracts, drafting deal memos, sourcing crew & gear, invoicing and closing; as well as post-job continuation of client relationship building and continued communication.
  • Must have a passion and proven track record for managing talent (with a keen eye for talent), and developing careers; Has a deep awareness of industry practices.
  • Exceptional skills in promotion, marketing and outreach to potential clients & opportunities for artists in a continual effort to procure work, grow relationships and advance career paths.
  • Excellent understanding of competitors; Enthusiasm and interest in being “in the know” of what directors and DP’s are working on current and relevant content and having the initiative and drive to connect with key players (I.e. producers) to establish a rapport and get on their radar.
  • Strong knowledge of both union and non union productions and practices.
  • Must have a strong understanding of and experience with production and post production workflow, technical specs, deliverables, file formats & aspect ratios. On-set experience and knowledge is a plus.
  • Must be strong at managing client expectations and “educating” clients in a collaborative, partner-like way when also managing client budget expectations relative to creative visions.
  • Strong understanding of and experience with camera gear, grip & electric gear, crew (& crew rates); Experience with both large and small productions and budgets.
  • IATSE and Local 600 union knowledge.
  • Strong knowledge of labor laws, tax laws, workers comp & payroll.
  • Graphic design experience a plus (for developing promotional materials, decks and treatments).
  • Proficiency with a range of software and social media/communication platforms (Apple, Adobe Suite, Google Suite, Vimeo, Wiredrive, Mailchimp, Slack, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Experience with talent booking software & budgeting software is a plus.
  • Keen knowledge of international film festivals and industry awards (and dates).
  • Bachelor’s Degree.


Skills & Attributes

  • Candidate must be driven by objectives and results; impeccable attention to detail and proven ability to effectively execute artist career plans and business growth.
  • Must be a high performing, collaborative, team-oriented individual who thrives in a dynamic fast paced environment.
  • Must have meticulous organizational and prioritization skills; Must work efficiently and productively to produce maximum results; Must be able to “juggle” a large number of tasks on the go at once (I.e. multiple levels of detail and check points across multiple jobs, continuously)
  • Must be able to effectively manage time to handle continous, daily incoming requests, emails and artist booking related tasks while not letting other goals and priorities fall to the wayside (I.e. artist pitching, email outreach to prospective clients, revenue growth strategy projects, etc.)
  • Direct, transparent, honest and respectful communicator.
  • Must be a creative problem solver and strategic thinker; A “connect the dots” person.
  • Must have the highest level of standards for exceptional customer service, including quick response times, friendly rapport, follow-up, feedback, and investment into long term relationships mentality.
  • Exceptional written and verbal skills.
  • Ability to remain calm and focused in high pressure situations and maintain a positive professional attitude / not take things too personally when faced with undesirable outcomes.
  • Commitment and willingness to support our team on any level no matter how big or small.  We are looking for a solid team player with proven experience and relationships and who wants to be a part of a young company experiencing rapid growth.



  • Manage all aspects of incoming projects and bookings from marketing, budget negotiations, schedule management, logistics, estimates, deal memos, riders, contracts, travel arrangements, invoicing, and obtaining assets.
  • Manage career growth strategies for our artists (including procuring face-to-face meetings with prospective clients, producers, creative directors & photographers/directors, targeted promotion to specific brands)
  • Manage and develop relationships with brands, creative agencies, artist agencies, photographers, directors, producers, etc; Continual outreach to prospective clients.
  • Be an active team member in NEER’s business growth plan and objectives with respect to our artists. Will be responsible for assigned client accounts.
  • Help manage, organize and grow client database and strategically promote artists to targeted client groups (I.e. creative directors, CMO’s, Heads of Production, photographers, etc.) via compelling marketing campaigns and promotional materials.
  • Asset management and continual updating of artist pages on Neer’s website; backend organization on Vimeo and website.
  • Play an active role in social media and PR strategies; promoting artists’ assets throughout appropriate channels.


Salary will be commensurate with experience. 

We are a young company but ready to add exceptional talent to our team who want to grow with us.


Looking for candidates who are available to start ASAP. 

Please send a cover letter and resume to chandra@neermotion.com

Thank you!